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Identity check

Doing business safely

As a client and contact person, Haagsch Recherchebureau asks you to carry out an ID check. Why do we do this?

Preventing fraud
Your ID check helps us prevent identity fraud and reduces the risk of our services being used unlawfully. By knowing who you are, we can work together in a safe and familiar environment.

Ensuring privacy
By confirming who has access to the sensitive information we share, we protect the privacy of everyone involved. Confidential information is in safe hands with us, and we ensure that only authorized persons have access.

Comply with laws & regulations
As a detective agency, we are bound by strict laws and regulations. Your ID check ensures that we meet these requirements and offers you the assurance that we carry out our work in a legal and ethical manner.

Try again

In addition to the authenticity and validity of the document, we check whether you are a Politically Prominent Person, whether you are on a sanctions list and whether you are on a wanted list.

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