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Do you want to start your own detective agency or work as a private investigator, also known as a private investigator or private investigator? Then obtaining the Private Investigator diploma is the first step. This is a centrally tested exam, tested by the SVPB.Particulier Onderzoeker diploma de eerste stap. Dit betreft een centraal afgetoetst examen, afgetoetst door het SVPB.

This short Private Researcher theory course in the Netherlands is in stark contrast to the 2-year theory and practical course Private Investigator in Belgium. That is why, at Haagsche Recherche Academie, we have decided to also develop additional practical training for the Dutch market ourselves. This unique 20-30-day (OVR + OT-C) practical course, including driving training, serves as an extension of the SVPB's Private Investigator theory course required by the Dutch government.

In our specialist tactical courses, we get you ready for the real work. Our experienced instructors share their knowledge and expertise with you, so that after these courses, you can confidently work as Tactical Detective.
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What makes this unique?

You will be selected through our strict selection process.
You pay at your convenience in 2-36 installments.
You will receive 1:1 coaching from our instructors for several days.
You train on an observation team, procedures & communication.
All teaching materials in a home lesson folder.
You train both day and night, just like in practice.

What do previous participants say?

“When I started the course, I already had the Private Investigator degree. However, I had no practical experience yet and I lacked concrete tools.

The course is incredibly fun and educational! You learn a lot and look at things differently. In addition, I got the supplies that I missed.

The theory is practiced in a varied way. After each exercise, an evaluation is carried out. JP has a sincere and positive attitude. I look back on the training days with great pleasure.”



What do you learn in our courses?

After completion, you will receive a Yellow Pass. With this pass, you can immediately work for us as Tactical Detective.

Legal Frameworks

You will learn the laws and regulations that you must comply with as a private researcher and what conditions there are for using specialist (research) resources. We also address the ethical dilemmas and interpretation of this legislation.

Driving Skills Specialist

Our specialist driving instructor, who mainly trains specialist government services, teaches you to drive unobtrusively and safely (OVR) in 3-6 days, something that is very valuable for your work as an observer.

Cover story

Je cover story verklaart waarom je ergens bent. Daarnaast dient het te passen bij je gedrag en voorkomen. Door hier uitgebreid bij stil te staan ga je op in de massa en voorkom je gevaarlijke situaties en beïnvloeding van je (directe) omgeving.

Exploration & Information Acquisition

How to explore the subject's environment, both physically and online. In addition, as a tactical detective, how do you unobtrusively obtain information near your subject? Finally, how do you report this information and share it with your research team.

Observation technology

During the many real-life scenario days, you will learn all the tricks of the trade. In this way, you are also prepared for the various forms of counter-observation and you will learn to collect information unobtrusively through an alter ego.


In scenarios, you learn the different forms of counter-observation, how to identify them and how to act accordingly. As a result, you are prepared for the private investigation industry, where undermining plays an increasingly important role.

Photography & Videography

We'll teach you how to capture evidence on camera, sometimes it's photos, but most of the time it's video. This means that, thanks to your evidence, the customer is very strong in court and you can make your report faster. You will also learn the influence of blinded windows and street lights.

Research & Reporting

Our detectives will teach you how to write down your findings correctly and independently. How do you ensure that your report is always correct? How to add evidence and how do you work with a lawyer or the Police?

Inzet Specialistische Middelen

De inzet van GPS bakens, verborgen camera's, slimme sensoren, warmtebeeldcamera's, camera voertuigen en drones. We gaan in op het gebruik, de wetgeving en de voor- en nadelen. Hierdoor weet je deze middelen geoorloofd en succesvol in te zetten tijdens een inzet.


Je leert in scenario's de verschillende vormen van contra-observatie, hoe je deze signaleert en hoe je hiernaar handelt. Hierdoor ben jij voorbereid op de particuliere recherchebranche, waar ondermijning een steeds grotere rol speelt.

What does this Private Detective Course cost?

With the Haagsche Recherche Academie, we look at the individual. The private detective training is therefore fully designed for your entry level, growth curve and on a small scale. This way you get the most out of yourself. To keep our courses accessible, you pay in 2-36 installments.

Do you want to know more about our academy or how we can help you start a career as a private investigator? Feel free to contact us. Our experienced detectives are here to answer all your questions and help you make the right choices for your future.
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How do I start?

In a free and non-binding introduction, at our office, we will see where your ambitions, wishes and opportunities lie. After that, you will go through our extensive and strict selection procedure.

Do we both like it after this? Then we would like to welcome you to the course. In consultation with you, we plan all training days. This also makes it perfect to combine with your current job.
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