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Alimony Research Specialist

Alimony Research

Do you pay alimony and do you suspect that your former partner is receiving too much alimony? This is because he/she has started living together or has started earning more? Haagsch Recherchebureau is an expert in alimony research.

The purpose of a alimony research is to determine whether you are still obliged alimony to pay. Our experienced detectives can investigate the financial situation of the alimony recipient, such as income and assets. In addition, we can also investigate the living situation of the alimony beneficiary, for example whether there is cohabitation with a partner who contributes to maintenance.

After the investigation, we will prepare a report containing our findings. This report can be useful in legal proceedings, for example to demonstrate that the maintenance creditor is no longer eligible for maintenance.

Alimony research

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“My former partner lives with her new boyfriend; Jan-Paul and his team were able to provide evidence of this. With this, I went to court with my lawyer.”
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Have alimony research carried out

Unfairly paying alimony

Imagine being unfairly for months or even years alimony pays to your former partner. It is a situation that can happen to many people, but luckily there is alimony research by Haagsch Recherchebureau. With our expertise and thorough approach, we can help you discover whether you are obliged to continue to pay alimony. We investigate the financial and living situation of the alimony creditor and provide you with a research file to consider legal action.
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You have the living situation investigated

Alimony investigation into your ex?

You may have heard that your former partner started living with someone else, but you're not sure how it could affect the maintenance obligation. This situation can be complex, and it's understandable that you have questions. Haagsch Recherchebureau can be invaluable here. We can thoroughly research look at the situation of your former partner and determine whether there is cohabitation and financial contributions from the new partner. This can have significant consequences for your maintenance obligations.

Investigating alimony fraud

Is alimony research the right step?

Are you still unsure whether you alimony research should you consider? Ask yourself the following questions: Do you feel like your ex-partner isn't being honest about his or her? financial situation? Do you suspect that there are changes in his or her living situation? Does your partner deny that his or her living situation has changed? If you answer “yes” to these questions, it's time to take action. Haagsch Recherchebureau is here to help you find out the truth and protect your rights.
Research into the living situation during alimony research.
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Costs of Alimony Research

What does an alimony investigation cost?

The costs of a Alimony research are diverse and are highly dependent on the amount of information available, threat, location and the required specialty.

In some studies, there is enough legal basis and information available to place a camera, while others require digital research and static observations to gather evidence.

Every investigation is different, together we would love to work with you to see what is possible and necessary in your case. We do this in a free consultation at our office or at your office.
Conversations with our detectives are confidential because of our professional secrecy.
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Alimony research

Our detectives work nationally and are there for you 24/7. Feel free to contact us and get to know our unique proposition.

With our office in Hague and meeting locations in the country, we are always close by for an informal and free consultation in the neighborhood.
A conversation with our detectives is always confidential because of our professional secrecy.
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