How will a Detective Office collect evidence in 2023?

You are considering using a detective agency as a private person or company, but you first want to know how detective agencies collect evidence? We will not be able to explain the exact use of these resources, but you can read in this blog what resources we use in our studies. This blog is therefore definitely recommended to read!

Legal review

First, a private investigator, also known as a private investigator or Private Detective, no more rights than an ordinary citizen. Only he/she has been screened by the National Police and has a permit from the Ministry of Security & Justice. They are also authorized to conduct online research and to carry out observations. This ensures that you get a reliable party that, for example, also complies with the Privacy Code of Conduct for Private Investigation Agencies. The Haagsch Detective Office has such a permit (POB1891), and all our detectives are also provided with a so-called yellow card (an ID issued by the National Police).

In addition, an investigative agency should always use the least serious remedy (Subsidiarity principle) and the remedy should be proportionate to the fact that the person concerned or subject is suspected of (Principle of Proportionality).

Finally, the evidence is gathered by a approved investigative agency recognized by judges as independent. So this means you are a lot stronger in court than with evidence collected by yourself or people close to you.

Now back to the resources that a detective agency can use during its investigations.

Carrying out observations

For everyone, this remedy is most familiar. Observations are characterized by being static and dynamic, something that goes without saying. Post days in a specific location (static), follow the person concerned by bike, on foot, by car or in public transport (dynamic).

Camera vehicle installation

Camera vehicles can be used in difficult locations as an addition to observation. It is important to know that this drug is only used when it appears that insufficient results are being achieved with observations. In addition, it must be proportionate to the fact that the person concerned is suspected of. For example, you can imagine that we use this drug more for housing fraud and theft than for adultery.

Conducting an interview or interrogation

By interviewing or interviewing those involved, we can collect evidence, such as interviewing neighbours in case of housing fraud or colleagues in case of corporate fraud.

Digital Research: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Through Open Source Intelligence, we conduct research on social media and the dark web, for example, and by using our digital specialists, we often get more to the surface than you expect.

Carrying out neighborhood research

Have the observations been completed, but do we want additional evidence? Then a neighborhood survey can be interesting. Depending on the type of neighborhood and the type of fact, this sometimes provides valuable additional information.

Hidden camera locations

In corporate fraud, we sometimes use hidden cameras (covert CCTV). To do this, however, the use of (hidden) cameras must be included in the staff regulations and the works council must give permission. In addition, the invasion of privacy should be as small as possible. This excludes the use of a hidden camera in, for example, a toilet room. In addition, the period should be limited, camera use should be as focused as possible and an evaluation should take place with the people examined. Finally, it should go hand in hand with other measures and can only be used if insufficient results are achieved with other means.

GPS Beacons Location

The use of GPS beacons is subject to many rules. That is why we use this tool very rarely. For example, the beacon can only be placed on business vehicles, or private vehicles that are used for business, and the vehicle must be used for business at that time. In addition, the GPS beacon should only be used as a support device, so it is important that a tracking vehicle also hooks up.

In short, there are plenty of resources to provide you with evidence. As long as it is proportionate to the committed acts and you comply with the law when using them.

Free advice?

We are happy to advise you without obligation and completely free of charge, after all, every case is different. We can well imagine that you find it exciting to hire a detective agency, after all, you don't do that every day. An informal one consultation therefore, if necessary, takes place on neutral ground and the contact takes place via your preferred channel. This so that the other party does not get any of the contact you have with us. For example, we can be reached via WhatsApp, phone, email and in person.

About the Author
As a former Interim Innovation Consultant at the National Police, Jan-Paul Kreukniet has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of research and safety. He knows better than anyone how important it is to keep innovating and keeping up with the latest developments in his field.

Haagsch Recherchebureau is therefore constantly investing in new tools and technology to increase the quality of investigative investigations.

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