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Physical pentest

Perform a physical pentest?

In a world where digital security is often preferred, it's crucial not to forget the physical aspects of your organization's safety. Haagsch Recherchebureau brings you the solution with our specialized physical pentest, focused on identifying vulnerabilities in your physical security. This test is specifically designed to uncover vulnerabilities in your security system, from access controls upto internal security procedures, protecting your organization against social engineering and fraud.

Our experts simulate real-life attack scenarios to increase the effectiveness of your current one security measures to test. By using techniques from the world of social engineering, we investigate how easily an unauthorized person can access your facilities and sensitive information. This thorough approach not only provides insight into the current state of your security, but also helps form robust strategies for fraud prevention. With our physical pentest your organization will not only be aware of the risks, but will also be equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle them proactively.

Learn how secure your organization really is and take the first step towards improved security today with our physical pentest.

Physical pentest

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Physical Pentest by Haagsch Recherchebureau
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Free consultation to answer all your questions.
Sworn interpreters for accurate & honest communication.
Attention to diversity, inclusion and equal treatment.
Securely share confidential information in accordance with ISO 27001
National network of highly trained detectives.
At the forefront of innovation with specialist tools and software.
Personal approach by your regular detective.
ID-check to ensure your privacy & safety.
Independent evidence for use in court.
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Permit from the Ministry of Justice & Security • POB 1891.
Each detective has been screened by the National Police.
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Physical Pentest Costs

How much does a physical pentest cost?

The costs of a Physical pentest are diverse and are highly dependent on the objective, amount of available information, threat, location and the required specialty.

Every physical pentest is different, together we would be happy to work with you to see what is needed in your case. We do this in a free consultation at our office or at your office.

A physical pentest starts at €650, - excl. VAT. This includes an intake, (brief) preliminary investigation and a report.
Conversations with our detectives are confidential because of our professional secrecy.
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Want to have a physical pentest performed?

Our company investigators work nationally and are always there for you. Feel free to contact us and get acquainted with our proposition.

With our office in Hague and meeting locations in the country, we are always close by for an informal and free consultation near you.
Available every day from 09:00 - 23:00.

Direct confidential contact with our company investigators

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