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Screening staff

Screening staff?

Pre-employment screening is an essential part of the recruitment process for companies and organizations. As an employer, it helps you screen potential employees for various aspects, such as professional background, personal integrity and crime. This ensures that you understand whether you are hiring the right candidate for the right position.

One background investigation is one of the most important parts of staff screening. This includes checking identity and address details, investigating work history, investigating criminal activity and checking financial backgrounds.

We offer customized solutions for companies. This means that the screening procedure is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your company. This ensures that you only get the information that is relevant to the position that the candidate is going to fill.

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Pre-employment screening
“We had a bad gut feeling about our applicant. Through the screening and interview, it became clear why. Thanks!”
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Our pre-employment screening method

How does our pre-employment screening process work?

Pre-employment Screening costs

What does Pre-employment screening cost?

The costs of a Pre-employment Screening are diverse and depend on the weight. For example, we offer a reference and resume check, but we also offer the possibility to interview your applicant at your office or by means of a home visit. This often results in interesting information that can be prosecuted. This lets you know who you're bringing into your company. A pre-employment screening starts at €449, - excl. VAT.

An identity check, financial check, VOG application and diploma check are also possible.
Conversations with our detectives are confidential because of our professional secrecy.
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