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Privé Detective Rotterdam

Privé detective onderzoek in Rotterdam?

Are you looking for a Private Detective into Rotterdam, Dordrecht whether Rhoon? Our experienced private detectives are your listening ear, giving you advice and running an independent private detective investigation for you, they can also be deployed 24/7 and have a multidisciplinary approach.

Us Private Detective Rotterdam team guarantees quality through tactical research, interviews, neighborhood research, digital research and observations to provide you with substantiated and independent evidence. Let us help you investigate your suspicions through an investigative investigation in Rotterdam.

Private Detective Rotterdam

Direct confidential contact with a detective

Private Detective Rotterdam
“Thanks to the investigation by Haagsch Recherchebureau, the fraud within my company has stopped and I can get back to doing business.”
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Investigation by private investigator Rotterdam

What kind of private investigative investigation?

Alimony Research

In an Alimony Investigation, we look for evidence in accordance with art. 1:160 of the Dutch Civil Code. These are: having an affective relationship of a lasting nature, mutual care, living together and having a common household. In this type of investigation, we also often work with a lawyer.
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Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is an important part of the recruitment process for any company. It helps employers make an informed decision when selecting the right candidate for a position.
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Our benefits

What makes us unique?

Free consultation to answer all your questions.
Sworn interpreters for accurate & honest communication.
Attention to diversity, inclusion and equal treatment.
Securely share confidential information in accordance with ISO 27001
National network of highly trained detectives.
At the forefront of innovation with specialist tools and software.
Personal approach by your regular detective.
ID-check to ensure your privacy & safety.
Independent evidence for use in court.
Independent evidence for your report to the National Police.
Permit from the Ministry of Justice & Security • POB 1891.
Each detective has been screened by the National Police.

Free advice

Private Detective Rotterdam

Our detectives work nationally and are there for you 24/7. So also in Rotterdam. Feel free to contact us and get to know our unique proposition.

With our office in Hague and meeting locations in the country, we are always close by for an informal and free consultation near you.
A conversation with our detectives is always confidential because of our professional secrecy.
Private Detective Rotterdam
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