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Frequently Asked Questions

We can well imagine that you have questions, after all, you don't use a detective agency every day. On this page, we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact our detectives.
Conversations with our detectives are always confidential because of our professional secrecy.

What are you researching?

We do research for both individuals and companies. Currently, we mainly investigate theft and embezzlement, housing fraud, absenteeism fraud, alimony fraud, fraud, person tracking and violation of the competition clause or relationship clause. It also happens regularly that we carry out screenings and risk scans and investigate undermining within risk sectors.

How much does a Private Investigator or Detective Agency cost?

It is difficult to answer that, as it depends very much on the type of research, the specialists and resources to be deployed and the risks present. As an indication, you can use our hourly rate from 99, - excluding VAT per tactical detective. For digital research, we charge an hourly rate of €125, - excluding VAT per digital specialist. For crypto research, we charge an hourly rate of 150, - excluding VAT per crypto specialist. Our investigative investigations for private individuals start at €750, - including VAT. Our criminal investigations for companies start at €2000, - excl. VAT.

How do you handle my data?

Of course, the information you share will be treated confidentially by our detectives, given our strict professional secrecy. Your data is also processed according to us privacy policy.

Is a consultation optional?

Yes, a consultation with us is always free of charge and free of charge. Everything that is discussed in the intake interview is treated confidentially by our detectives who enjoy professional secrecy.

Can I tell my story anonymously?

Yes, this is certainly possible. You can call or email us anonymously. Please note that as soon as we start an investigation, we will need to determine your identity.

What is the difference between a Detective Office and the Police?

A Detective Office can be deployed more widely than the Police. For example, the Police are mainly concerned with (criminal) crimes and a detective agency can also help you with matters for which you cannot report to the Police. A Detective Office can also support the Police, for example, we do the preliminary work, so that your report is picked up more quickly or we can file a new report together. This mainly happens in cases that are left behind due to a lack of capacity or a lack of leads or evidence.

Do you have a permit?

Yes, we have a permit from the Ministry and Security & Justice with POB 1891. In addition, all our detectives have a yellow pass.POB 1891. Daarnaast hebben al onze rechercheurs een gele pas.

Do you inform the person (s) concerned?

Yes, at the end of our investigation, we will inform the person (s) we have investigated. After all, this is what the law prescribes to us. As a client, you can also choose to inform the person (s) concerned, in such a case we will record this and we will also ask you to provide proof of this.

What kind of background do you detectives have?

Our detectives were trained through our internal training, and they have often previously worked for government institutions such as the Police, FIOD, Royal Military Police, AIVD or MIVD.

I don't live near The Hague, can I meet elsewhere?

In addition to our own office in The Hague, we have meeting locations across the country. This way, we are always close by for an informal consultation in your area.

How do I recognize a private investigator?

Every Private Investigator, also known as Private Investigator and Private Detective, has a so-called yellow card. This is an ID issued by the Police.

How do you work?

It starts with an informal and free consultation at our office. If the case requires this, this conversation will take place on neutral ground. After that, we will draw up an action plan with a quote. Based on this, you decide whether to work with us.

Are you affiliated with an industry association?

Yes, we are affiliated with the BPOB, the trade association for Private Investigation Agencies.

What distinguishes you from other detective agencies?

Because our observation and (digital) investigation team is structurally trained in-house at a high level, our detectives are prepared for anything. This, combined with an extensive range of cover materials, specialist resources, innovative software and a wide fleet of vehicles, means that we are strong in conducting (risky) criminal investigations.

When can a consultation take place?

A consultation can take place both during the week and at the weekend and in the evening and during the day.

How fast can you start?

We can usually start an investigation within 24 hours. In case of urgency, we can accelerate this to a few hours, but there is an additional cost.

Can the evidence be used in court?

Yes, our research results are seen as independent and thus recognized in court. In some cases, it also happens that we are called as witnesses by the court.

How can I help as a client?

By sharing as much information as possible and keeping us well informed about changes, our detectives can conduct the best investigation.

Do you also work on a no-cure no-pay basis?

No, unfortunately, we do not work on a no-cure no-pay basis, on the one hand to guarantee our quality standard and objectivity. In addition, there are often many factors that we have no influence on. That is why we charge an hourly rate per Detective.

How will I be kept up to date?

Through our secure apps, we keep you up to date with all developments and reports. We also give you a weekly update by phone, physical appointment or video call.

Why do you perform an ID check?

To prevent abuse of our services, we determine the identity of each client and contact person. In the case of a business client, we also do this for the company's relevant UBOs. This guarantees that we do not work for people with the wrong intentions.

Can I also gain experience with you?

Yes, we have our own academia for tactical detectives and we also regularly have vacancies.

Is your question not listed?

Feel free to take contact contact us to discuss your questions. Call us at: 0702042742, WhatsApp us at: 0702042742, use it contact form or plan a consultation.
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