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Sleuthing for solutions: How Capsule delivers better business outcomes

Haagsch Recherchebureau, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, is a leading private investigative firm that serves high-end business clients across Europe. It helps organizations that think they’ve been a victim of corporate fraud, theft, embezzlement, and much more.

The owner, Jan-Paul Kreukniet, has been using Capsule since 2012. When he set up Haagsch Recherchebureau in 2020, he immediately started using Capsule to help him manage key business activities.

In this case study, we identify why Capsule has become indispensable to Jan-Paul and his business. From its role in providing crucial business insights, its powerful project management capabilities, and its powerful integration flexibility, discover why Capsule has not just been a software choice, but a strategic partner for Haagsch Recherchebureau’s success.

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